The Iron Man – Borg Technology Spectrum

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The Iron Man – Borg Technology Spectrum

Technology is an awesome and horrible thing.  It can be positive and elevate your business or it can be negative and drag on your bottom line.  I like to think of this as the Iron Man – Borg spectrum.  On one side you have the newest and best technology integrated together to make a better man for the betterment of society.  On the other side you have a writhing patchwork of wires and hoses that assimilates all it comes across – resistance is futile.

The obvious strategy is to stay on the Iron Man side of the spectrum, but that is certainly easier said than done.  As companies grow, the natural tendency is to assimilate new technologies without (re)evaluating their value or to keep old technologies simply because of the technology debt.  But resistance is not futile!

timschukarThe Iron Man – Borg Technology Spectrum
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